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When you wake up in the morning and you mad at the world! USPS has drop the ball and I'm waiting on them to explain to me why tracking on the almost 500 orders are still saying awaiting arrival! Hopefully I will have answers sometime today talking about frustration! Better news the Valentine Collection will be dropping this weekend. It was supposed to drop Friday but the USPS situation put a damper on that! I will give you guys a sneak peak!

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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is Well! I wanted to keep you updated letting you know! We are considered a Kids brand but with over whelming response on the MLK and Frederick Douglass Design we have added Adults! Feel free to contact me with any Questions have a blessed week! Aaron

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The World we live In!

The times we are experiencing are insane! When I created this brand I wanted to do something out of the norm and speak on certain issues. As I sat and watched the riots yesterday it was a very sad moment in America. It also made me realize how education starts at home we must teach our kids respect and to love their neighbor. I had a lot of people reach out to me to say how powerful the MLK and Frederick Douglass design were. The designs were made with thought of to teach our Kids about their ancestors, and also two powerful messages that they can use today. For all of you have purchased these shirts I appreciate you! “We...

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New Year 2021!!

Ah was 2020 Crazy or what? What are some goals you have for yourself in 2021? Me I need to stay discipline and organized. I also want to start Blogging more when you are a one man shop it can become difficult. Last year was crazy with the growth of my business. I have actually hired two assistants to help out I never plan this business to blossom as quick as it did. I was doing something more of a hobby this has turned into a monster! Thanks to all of you! I plan on letting you into this crazy mind this year we have some awesome things plan for this year! Buckle up its going to be a great...

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What a crazy weekend the website was down Sunday. Talking about frustrating finally back to normal! How is every one holding up out there with COVID19? This week we will be releasing our Mothers Day Tees on Wednesday! SO excited about that!! Have a great week

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