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New Year 2021!!

Ah was 2020 Crazy or what? What are some goals you have for yourself in 2021? Me I need to stay discipline and organized. I also want to start Blogging more when you are a one man shop it can become difficult. Last year was crazy with the growth of my business. I have actually hired two assistants to help out I never plan this business to blossom as quick as it did. I was doing something more of a hobby this has turned into a monster! Thanks to all of you! I plan on letting you into this crazy mind this year we have some awesome things plan for this year! Buckle up its going to be a great...

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What a crazy weekend the website was down Sunday. Talking about frustrating finally back to normal! How is every one holding up out there with COVID19? This week we will be releasing our Mothers Day Tees on Wednesday! SO excited about that!! Have a great week

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New Goodie Good Cards

I hope all is well! Is anybody else tired of being stuck in the house? With times like this creativity is at an all time high! I decided to release a new Goodie Good Card I hope you enjoy and this helps brighten your Day! Until next time!

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To all how are you dealing with the cornoavirus? Mike kids were off for spring break and now we get word they will be off another week! What are good ideas to keep kids busy during these times?

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Allow me to introduce myself!

Hello All welcome to the crazy world of Aaron Davoe!  On this Blog you will get a chance to see craziness of running a small business. The ups downs and all around!  I wanted to introduce the Goodie Good Cards! These cards were design with the idea of your child being rewarded for doing good deeds in life. I believe the same way we let our kids know that they have done some wrong or incorrect. We should also show them praise when they do something productive! These will be limited edition and will release once a month with a new theme! The first Card for March is "Staying up 15-30 minutes past bed time" These will be available on...

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