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So what can we do to teach kids that words matter?

So what can we do to teach kids that words matter? Take time-outs. This is something that applies to littles and grown-ups. ... Set boundaries. Every family is going to have different versions of what is ok and not ok to say, but there needs to be boundaries somewhere. ... Be careful online. Model good behavior. ... Talk about it.

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Type of parent

Good Morning! I was at my sons basketball game and seen a parent get livivd with his child. I'm talking screaming cussing etc mind you these are 14 year old boys. It made me think what type of parent am I? What type of Parent are you? I will let you know what type of parent I am.  

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Summer Release

Hello we are finishing up on our Fathers Day and Summer Release. We are also in the process of creating socks and hats anything you guys want us to include? Send me a email at

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It's Been A long Time!

Wow it's been a long time since I Blogged! We have been super busy working creating and just living! On Monday we celebrated MLK Day What a great Moment and some exciting times! We went to Downtown Houston where there was a parade spoken word and all around great time. I'm going to be starting a youtube channel with a-lot of behind the scenes and the day-day operations of a small brand! Please stay Tuned! Also Check out amazing MLK Tees!

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Halloween Drop

Hey Guy's! We have the halloween Drop coming this week! It will be a small drop I hope you guys enjoy it! Also I have been getting alot of request on adding Adult Tees to the brand. Let me know what you guys think. As Always thanks for the continue support!

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