Spring is Here, Time to Get Allergy Ready!

Spring is Here, Time to Get Allergy Ready!

Spring is here and that means the sneezing, coughing, and general malaise of seasonal allergies has returned. Allergies can be a pain, but there are some things you can do to make sure your child’s allergies don’t get out of control this season. Let’s take a look!

Seeing the Doctor First and foremost, if your child has never been tested for allergies or if their allergies have changed over time, it may be time for an appointment with the doctor. An allergist can perform tests to determine what kind of allergens may be triggering your child’s symptoms. From there, you can discuss treatment options such as allergen immunotherapy or medications that might help keep those pesky allergens from wreaking havoc on your family's health.

Clean House Dust and pollen are two major triggers for allergy sufferers so regular cleaning throughout the house is essential in keeping allergies under control during springtime. Be sure to vacuum carpets and furniture regularly as well as dust surfaces with a damp cloth to reduce dust buildup. It may also help to change furnace filters every month while running an air purifier in your home during times when pollen counts are high.

Stay Inside When Necessary On days when pollen counts are especially high (you can usually find this information online), try to limit outdoor activities and keep windows shut at home. If possible, stay indoors with air conditioning on until after the worst of the pollen storm has passed; this will help keep allergens from entering your home.

Conclusion: Allergies can be tricky to manage but by taking a few simple steps—seeing a doctor, keeping your house clean, and avoiding outdoor activities during high pollen counts—you should be able to keep your child's allergies under control this spring season! Good luck!
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