Top 5 Funny T-shirts for Kids

Top 5 Funny T-shirts for Kids

Looking for a fun and funky t-shirt for your little one? Check out these five hilarious options! From a shirt that says "I love you from my head to-ma-toes" to one that declares "I don't bathe on weekends," these silly slogans and adorable designs are sure to make your child the life of the party. So go ahead and add a little laughter to your child's wardrobe with a fun t-shirt from Aaron Davoe’s featured collection.

Allergic to Haters

Pump up your little one’s self-confidence with this spunky t-shirt that proudly declares they are “allergic to haters.” With a bold purple and green color scheme, this t-shirt is sure to complement any wardrobe. The sneaky-looking fly properly serves a look that says, “haters, buzz off!” This shirt is sure to rally in some compliments for your kiddo!

There is a Juice Box Where My Heart Used to Be

If your little one can’t seem to get enough juice, you’re not alone! When it comes to quenching their thirst, juice boxes are the beverage of choice for most kiddos, if not all of them. So get your mini a trendy shirt that boasts their passion for juice boxes to the world in a hysterical message. This shirt displays a refreshing design with a juice box and citrus-colored lettering.

I Love You from My Head To-Ma-Toes

For a silly yet heartwarming addition to any wardrobe, check out this shirt that states, “I love you from my head to-ma-toes.” Little ones who are just learning to read will appreciate the play on words and the quirky graphics. The design features eclectic pink, red, and green colors and displays a pair of loving tomatoes along with some grotesque-looking feet. If your kiddo loves to get silly, this shirt is a great place to start!

I Don’t Bathe On Weekends

We all know how hard it can be to keep up with bath time, especially when your family has nowhere in particular to be. Instead of stressing about getting your little one in the tub before your next weekend adventure, why not get them this laugh-worthy t-shirt? Your friends and family are sure to get a kick out of this boldly stated message which boasts, “I don’t bathe on weekends.” The color scheme consists of a trendy sky blue and muted red tone that will match even the funkiest of wardrobes.

Doctor Said It’s Cooties

Cooties are something that school-aged kiddos have been laughing about since the beginning of time. But what if the doctor could actually diagnose your little one with the imaginary disease? This shirt plays into that story with a goofy message, “The doctor said it’s cooties.” The striking pink and teal color scheme is sure to turn some heads and win your little one some compliments whether they wear it to school, the grocery store, or anywhere in between.



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