HOW to Explain to your Child about being Mixed

You can be more than one thing.
Just because you look one way on the outside doesn't mean you are only that on the inside.
You can be mixed race and have more than one skin color.
You could be mixed nationality too, like half American and half Japanese for example.
Some people might think being mixed is a bad thing, but it's actually really cool because it means you're special and unique!
Being mixed means that you have the best of both worlds - you get to experience different cultures and learn new things from both sides of your family!
Some people might ask if you're "half black" or "half white", but there's no such thing - you're just 100% YOU!
Having two different cultures also means that you can celebrate twice as many holidays! 9. Just because someone looks like they might be from a different culture, it doesn't mean they are - always ask before assuming someone's background 10. Everyone is special and has their own unique story to tell - including YOU!
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